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This is another hard one. If the violin sounds smooth under the ear it will tend to not carry well. The amount of stress applied onto the string will have a large influence on whether the sound produced is smooth or not, and the G string is especially tricky for beginners to control in my opinion. You can practice playing the G string at different tempo and strength, and find out the suitable stress for you.

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… 2006-03-08 2012-08-22 2016-11-29 Hi all. I'm a self-teaching newbie that has a quick question. Keep in mind that I'm playing on a ~$400 student violin.

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05:33 4th finger hacks in the first position: how to easily reach all notes, even if your pinky is short.

G string sound violin

2010-07-30 Pirastro Obligato – most popular. The most popular warm sounding string. A lot of violin players are … My favorite string out of this set is the G. It just sounds so warm to me and I love a good warm E string. This is once again an update since I have a new violin. It's a Robert A. Corsby by Mark Moreland.
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09:40 Beautiful sound exercise to get the best from your violin and bow on the G string. 13:29 Vibrato on the G Visit my website:http://www.violinshack.comEnter my Current Contest: Up for my FREE Weekly Classes:http://www.violinsha Sound characteristics of the individual strings.

The A, D, and G strings use a core of fine strands of steel covered with a variety of metals, including chrome steel, silver, tungsten, titanium, and others. Most steel-core strings tend to be bright. The sound is usually clear, with few overtones.
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It sounds very dull and chalky ? if that makes sense !It is really only the G string.