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Nearly 100% of the time, an abutment is necessary. Se hela listan på Answer: Code: D6065 Implant Supported Porcelain/Ceramic Crown. A single crown restoration that is retained, supported and stabilized by implant. It is not an “abutment supported” code because the restoration attaches directly to the implant body and does not have an abutment that connects the crown to the implant. If an abutment was used to connect the bridge retainer crown to the implant body, an abutment supported retainer code needs to be billed (i.e., D6068-D6074, D6194). For example, D6068 is billed if using a ceramic/porcelain retainer that is supported by a prefabricated or custom abutment in addition to the abutment device—D6056, if prefabricated or D6057, if custom (i.e., cast or milled). Final Restoration – Custom Abutment and Abutment Supported Porcelain Crown.

Abutment supported porcelain ceramic crown

Since the procedure for an abutment supported crown involves the placement of a dental implant, you may wish to read the related content concerning endosteal implants , abutments , or eposteal implants for the most complete picture of this procedure. An implant supported crown is attached directly to the surgically placed implant body and does not require a separate connection device (aka abutment). Instead, you should have reported D6058 (abutment supported porcelain/ceramic crown) along with D6056 (prefabricated abutment).
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Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic, Implant Supported - Dental Procedure Code Description. The term crown describes the portion of your tooth that extends above the gumline - in other words, the portion of the tooth that can be seen in a healthy mouth.